per · son · al chef [pur-suh-nl shef]
A chef who serves multiple clients. A personal chef is distinct from a private chef, who is employed exclusively by one client. On each visit the personal chef cooks several meals in the client’s kitchen. These meals are packaged and refrigerated for future consumption.

At The Vegetarian Cookery we use real, simple foods to create real, not so simple dishes.
The ingredients are basic staples, foods that were harvested, not processed. The processing happens in your kitchen!

We come to your home once or twice a week and prepare several wonderful meals that will last until our next scheduled visit.
All you need to do is heat up the refrigerated, labeled food.
We do all the necessary shopping prior to cooking and, of course, deliver your kitchen back to you sparkling clean.

The Vegetarian Cookery is inspired and influenced by many different culinary traditions. You can savor the unique flavors of Middle Eastern, Italian, Indian, Persian, and Asian cuisines, to name a few.
Best of all, these sumptuous delights are prepared right in your home, catered to your personal taste.

Special dietary needs? 
We can happily accommodate vegan, gluten free, low sodium, sugar free, kosher, and other special dietary needs and life styles. We also love integrating CSA* and co-op produce into our cooking.

The Cookery also offers other services such us healthy lunch boxes, wholesome desserts, cooking and canning of your favorite preserves and sauces, special event catering, and more!


*CSA- Community Supported Agriculture. Local neighborhood vegetable co-ops.