Here's the deal:

The Vegetarian Cookery would visit your kitchen weekly and fill your refrigerator with delicious home cooked meals. Depending on the size of your family and your eating habits, we would cook between six to eight dishes, this would typically compose meals for the next five to six days. We will ask you to share your eating needs and habits with us so we can tailor menus for you that are a good value. The cost of your weekly filled refrigerator starts at $300.

We prepare in your kitchen a variety of dishes. The dishes may include, protein based entrées, cooked or fresh veggies, innovative grain or starch side dishes, savory soups, breakfast muffins and breads or any other favorites you might request.

Our prices include the grocery shopping service, but do not cover the cost of ingredients, which is additional. We buy only moderately priced, in-season produce and, upon request, will gladly shop all-organic.

Special Trial Offer:

We are offering a special introduction to The Vegetarian Cookery for first-timers. One complete dinner for two people for $75. (Price before shopping costs)